The Iron Tankard - Tavern RP

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TheEvilBassist created the topic: The Iron Tankard - Tavern RP

As you take a walk through the lively streets of Tenarath, you see a typical two-story tavern before you. Just like you imagine it. You feel the need to explore this building, don't you? Maybe something is tricking you. Maybe not.

If you enter, you see a broad room with a bar on the other side of the room, stools and tables on the left and right side, even some more comfortable benches in the back corners. Guests are getting served here and there and in the middle of the room a small stage is holding place for bards, riddles or even small plays.

Right from the door - without the need to cross the room - a staircase is connecting this level with first floor and cellar (or even more?). Surely the floor above includes comfortable rooms for spending the night and the cellar is just an ordinary wine- and mead cellar.

Are they? Or does your mind think about more dubious activities? Is this tavern even bound on physical rules? Maybe you're already somewhere else... Maybe not.

((Feel free to add or change something for your RP. It's meant to be an open place for imagination, which the visitors create. Feel free to go wild))


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