Welcome to V2 of our website!

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TheEvilBassist created the topic: Welcome to V2 of our website!

Greetings, fellow Terenians!

I wanna welcome you all to V2.0 of our website, which is now live and will continue to be worked on from this point. This is is intended to serve as a community hub for us terenians, and we hope to see it sprawl over time.
One thing about it is that we got rid of our old phpBB forums for the sake of having a forum that's integrated with our main portal. I'm sorry to say it but that means you'll have to register again, but the good news is that this will now server as your Terenia account, your membership application and your forum account all in one. So yeah, this is the last time we ask you to sign up for something - promise :)

I would also kindly ask any of our settlement or guild leaders to post their concept on here and draw more exposure for themselves in that way. It would also be nice to fill the place up. Anyways, have a good one and we hope to see you on here.

Kind regards!
Gren Layne, High Regent of Terenia


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