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Terenia is a sovereign land, consisting of several Counties pledging their fealty to Duke Demiqas Liacan I. Having spent years under tyrannical foreign rulers, the people of Terenia having rallied behind one man, Duke Liacan, and fought to break free from their grips. The Duke is now looking to secure Terenia's borders and become a respectable Duchy within the Demalion Empire, where it's people will finally be allowed live freely and with dignity. 




We are a role play oriented community, who wishes to craft stories and connections between our members and various guilds, organizations and houses that may spawn through the course of storytelling and role play. We seek to provide impactful and quality RP, for those choosing to get involved, as well as making equal opportunities for all who choose to live under our banners. Make no mistakes, traveler - Terenia is a ladder, one that each individual gets the opportunity to climb. We do not care if you’re a native English speaker or not, or if you have years of role play experience or are just starting out. A strong community is one where the members support and care for each other, and that is what we hope to achieve! As a gaming community, this Kingdom strives to provide honesty, transparency and communication to those who choose to get involved. Rest assured that maturity is something we value most in our ever growing group of players, all in hopes of creating an authentic and (most of all) fun experience for everyone involved. 


Why join?:


As a member of our Duchy you will be treated fairly and as an equal in the eyes of the governing body, regardless of rank or title. Through hard work and dedication. Almost any desire you seek will be achieved be it through political, monetary, or influential gains.


 We aim to be a place where one will be encouraged to invest time in their individual characters, their families and their communities. Terenia will be a land where people can get to know their neighbors, and work together with them in order to achieve common goals that benefit our group. Come alone or bring your friends, it matters not. In our Duchy you will find strong connections with other characters that will last you through your lifetime in Elyria. The world building element in all of this is of key importance to us, and it's really an exciting prospect. This is why we are determined to go the extra mile and offer our citizens the most rewarding experience in Chronicles of Elyria. We believe that can be accomplished by building a truly immersive world that all of us will be a part of, and shaping the course of history together is something we are passionately looking forward to! It is something that the people who share the vision of Terenia will turn into a reality. If perchance you have found yourself in it as well, then maybe you are on the right path.. 




The primary goal of our rule is to ensure an environment where groups and individuals can thrive, all united under one banner. Where one can work hard and secure well being for him or his family. Where people are free to practice their faith, and know they will be safe within their own four walls. And most of all, we want to be a Duchy that serves it's people well. 


 In order to succeed in our endeavors, there needs to be a system that ensures progress being made. The infrastructure of Terenia has therefore been divided into separate branches, all with their individual leaders who are looking to achieve the Duchies prosperity though mutual respect and cooperation. Our main branches are: 


  • Terenian Army - our military force, and the pride of the Duchy. With the Commander in charge, our troops have their own hierarchy and are divided into special units. Their goal is to protect the Terenian small folk, especially in times of war or conflict. 


  • Industrial Complex - the section of the Duchy that spends as much time as possible building and researching for Terenia to protect and advance the community via weaponry, armour, carpentry and all over developments that's possibly.


  • Economics Division -  This branch is the mayor contributor to Terenia's financial stability. They collaborate with diplomats and foreign realms to establish healthy trade agreements 


  • Terenian Intelligence - Provides Terenia officials with relevant information for keeping the community safe and peaceful, may have ties to the black market / underground for more intel. Combat expertise may be required.


 Menn and womenn who respect the Duke's laws shall be treated fairly and as equals, and those who serve our cause will always be rewarded for their loyalty. All individual Lords that are part of Terenia rule over their lands as individuals, yet sworn fealty to Duke Liacan is required. The Terenian Senate is a deliberative assembly, formed to ensure that the principles our Duchy is being built on are always secured. Everyone can be elected into senate and represent the people of Terenia, although the honors are most often given to members of the higher class. The senate has the power to provide an opposition to any legislation being passed, as well as influence on our main ruling body - The Terenian Council.


The council consist of the current ruling Duke, his Regent (in case one is appointed), and the heads of each individual branch of the Duchy. It was formed by Demiqas Liacan in order to fairly represent the electorate body (senate). The Terenian Council assists the Duke in making the laws of the land, as well as overseeing the governance of the realm. Part of that includes frequent activities such as inquiries, court hearings and council meetings.  



Coat of Arms