Coat of Arms


Terenian Intelligence Agency


Throughout history Terenia has been a lot of things, from Kingdom to an overrun and abused piece of land, to a duchy many men have fought for. One of the organizations that has existed from the very creation of Terenia is the intelligence branch more commonly referred to us TIA.No one really knows who started TIA or when, some say they were the most trusted advisors to King  Zultra others say they guided first Terenian Lords through the Zygenthian war but one thing Terenia knows for certain, they were there for all of it.In every war that has ever been fought by Terenia TIA has always been an important factor that helped in achieving victory.That is because TIA always kept the army informed with enemy troop movements and other useful info that gave Terenia a huge advantage in wars.


What is the Terenian Intelligence Agency?:


This is the sector of the Duchy that will go unnoticed by most.We will do everything within our power to protect Terenia and its cause.Our job is to protect Terenia and its people from both internal and external threats.We will use any means at our disposal to achieve that.We are shadows on the wall you don’t see us but we see you no matter where you are or how well you think you are hiding if you are deemed a threat we will hunt you down.We are the Shadow of the Duchy, a necessary evil.Underground and black market connections help us fulfill this role.


How will it function?:


Terenia’s intelligence department will exist as an in game guild comprised of players willing to travel around the world gathering info that might prove useful to Terenia now or in the future.Roleplaying is advised but not forced just know that others will probably want to RP

We will have a base of operation that will be located in Terenia and close to the Duke.There are not ranks because there is not a need for them.Although it is possible that each informant can have his own network of informants that will report back to him and then he reports back to the head of TIA.Each of you will be paid a specific amount of money every set period of time,that payment can be increased if you prove you are worth it or decreased if you prove inactive. Ask on discord or the forums about any questions you might have.


Alright then, where will I start?:


Well first of all, please join our Terenian discord. We will talk to each other, get to know each other and we will try to make you feel at home.If you don’t want to travel but still be part of TIA we can discuss it also if you are willing to travel but only in specific places we can discuss that as well.

In game you will start at our base of operations where you will be provided with the necessary skills to survive when you are travelling on your own gathering info.After that each of you will be sent in different locations around the kingdom you might even travel in pairs in some cases.

Each of you will be expected in set period of times to send any info you have gathered to the head of the department.Other than that you are free to pursue any path you want.If you want to be a cartographer for instance while travelling that is up to you and will be in no way forced upon you.

This will never get boring as there will always be somewhere to go and something to do.

Coat of Arms