Coat of Arms

The Industrial Complex

"We'll spend the time of day making our Duchy strong"


What is Industry About?


Industry is the section of the Duchy that spends as much time as possible building the community, protection and weaponry.

 We are the gears that run the Duchy.


What does it mean to be a "Industrial Master"?


The title of Industrial Master is giving to the family of the men and women that have spent day in and day out increasing their skills, helping the empire, and put their heart and soul into every piece of industrial good they've made.

For the good of Terenia!

Being part of The Terenian Industrial Branch maybe hard work but in the end it's all worth it, you get to go home knowing you've done an important duty. You get the enjoyment of helping you fellow Terenians. You get the enlightenment of doing something that has a positive effect on the Duchy. Besides who doesn't want to end a good days work and pay by visiting the local Tavern?




The Industrial Complex is split into two prime contracts who will interact with different branches


Military Industry

Those who take this contract will be provided with a rent free home and all the essentials for living a comfortable lifestyle.

They would be required to craft a multitude of things ranging from carts to siege weaponry, possibly even research into improving their crafts

Any Baron will be able to provide these contracts within their Barony


Economical Industry

This contract gives you more freedom in your crafting as you don't have a Baron requesting what they need crafted, but you also don't have the perks from that one

The crafters who intend to set up shops or just sell their wares to a trader, the Industry side who will be interacting with the Economic quarters

Either choice helps the Terenian Industry thrive and only with our crafters we are able to create a fully functional self sustaining Duchy

Coat of Arms